If you have played enough FarmVille to supply a small nation with eggs and butter, there is good news: your experience on social media may be able to translate into website success and increased traffic. You can find more potential customers and sales on social networks today than ever before, as people spend up to half the time online perusing news feeds and Tweet listings. However, not all social media is created equal. How can a company maximize the return on investment for their social strategy and generate more site traffic? I personally recommend hiring an advertising agency to increase site traffic, but below are a few tips to get your site started.


Picture Perfect


If a picture says a thousand words, then it takes several dozen Twitter or Facebook posts to create an image. Instead of typing out your brand’s newest offer, make it one of the 40 million pictures that are uploaded onto Instagram each day. Cut to the chase with as little dialogue as possible in order to get more likes and re-tweets than you would from text alone, and follow it up with an outlink that ensures traffic flows from social page to landing page.


Rapid Response


Our e-attentions often fall short compared our attention span offline. Whenever one of your social platforms has engaged with a customer or follower, you need to strike while the iron is hot to keep them interested and positive. Half of Twitter and Facebook users expect a rapid response to a social query or post or update, often times as little as two hours after the initial post. Get more mileage from each post and more traffic from each visitor by having a person on the other end of the social platform to provide timely replies.


Spending On Big Days


More and more people are forgoing the brick-and-mortar stores in order to purchase online. Social media has fueled a new spike in sales on big shopping days like Black Friday. Not all sites should leverage social media on “spending days” purely for page views, since these social platforms can also be a direct engine for sales. With mobile capability, furthermore, social networks allow users to get info on a host site or potential products for sale without ever needing to sit down at a computer.


E-Currency and Social Sales


Anyone who has followed the Bitcoin blitz understands how badly today’s consumers want to be able to make purchases using digital currency. A Bitcoin that you purchased for $2 in 2011, reports Forbes, can now be priced at as much as $150. More and more options for e-currency spending on social platforms, including Bitcoins and PayPal, lets you ensure the traffic that gets to a sales page stays there. Every second that a customer needs to open up their wallet to dig out a credit card number represents a potential for lost sales — potentially making any traffic that does land on a sales page to be a waste of bandwidth. Online currencies offer security and convenience, so that social platforms boasting e-checkout lines with digital currency allow a site to gain more exposure that they could enjoy with traditional currency.


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January 18, 2015

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