Blogging – A common fun way in earning money online is through writing blogs. Creation of content is not a problem when you have already decided on what niche to put on your site. The thing now is beautifying the whole blog site.

A familiar and easiest way for most newbies is downloading free themes depending on the platform being used; WordPress, Blogspot, and others. Installing that free theme you’ve downloaded elsewhere does not end your work in making your blog site look attractive. You still have to do some modifications that should set things together according to your blog’s purpose. And, you wanted to do alterations with minimal or as much as possible with no cost at all (that you do the editing stuff by yourself).

One good suggestion to always put into mind when looking into your websites look is that you need first to think of about your website’s function before working on the aesthetics. Yes, there are countless free themes that you can use for your blog site, but again you importantly need to consider what suits perfectly on the purpose of your blog. If your blog shares about recipes, then the look of your blog should be in line with foods.

Whatever type of blog that you are working on, may it be about sports, travel, education, etc… all of which have a general guidelines on how to make your blog look incredible. No need to hire professional web designer as you can do it yourself.

What are those?”


Go back think about the purpose of your blog. Or, simply ask yourself, “What’s my blog all about?”. From that question, you will be able to determine the structure, decide if you are going to place a sidebar ( left or right, or both sides), that fits your niche.

Have you tried looking into one website where your eyes really go looking into that side of that page? That’s what I am referring about. In order to get a really fantastic appearance of your site, you should balance everything. Meaning, see to it the viewers will be looking into the site as a whole, not that one corner of your page only. Hard to imagine how, but just simple place things, widgets, photos, just in the right place it should be.

What we are commonly perceiving when we discuss “a good looking site” is a page that’s rich in pictures, flashy effects, rainbow colors are there, and more. Truthfully, it isn’t a good idea. An incredibly good looking blog site projects white spaces, a lot of white spaces.

White spaces allow viewers to stay longer in your blog. Broadly saying, it’s appealing to the eyes looking into a clean and well-arranged blog site.

A well-designed blog site does not only limit to these three main key areas. Such aspects includes the readability, accessibility and usefulness of the whole site.

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November 10, 2014

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