Ecommerce has come a long way in the last decade. Once exclusively the playground of multi-million pound enterprises like Amazon, now thanks to platforms like Magento even the smallest of companies can enjoy the benefits of an online store.

Attracting & Engaging an Online Audience

One area of ecommerce that has been particularly successful is digital downloads. Music, films, software, apps, books… it seems that most forms of entertainment can be downloaded online these days. And although in the past a large percentage of downloads may have been illegal, the level of demand means the business world has had to play catch-up, moving from offering physical content to offering digital, downloadable content as an operational and lead generation tool.

Some items are excelling through digital downloads – music, audiobooks, eBooks, computer software – despite having been plagued by high numbers of illegal downloads in the past. Through industry changes, ISP crackdowns and better awareness, the tables have been turned. Both the games and film sectors have yet to catch up though. The nature of both industries is a little more complex and each requires significant infrastructure investment in order to store items and offer them for download.

Whilst it may sound easy, shifting from physical to digital can be a challenge, largely due to the infrastructure it demands.  Much less physical storage space is needed for digital downloads, compared to physical copies, nevertheless storage is still a vital requirement. One of the most appealing factors of downloads is that once purchased they can be listened to, watched, read etc. instantly; there’s no need to wait for delivery or to return home.

So any company offering downloadable content needs to securely host a copy of every product they carry and ensure it can be downloaded immediately, at a reasonable speed. This requires extensive server space, ultra-efficient bandwidth and reliable connections, to ensure user experience isn’t tarnished by speed issues and unreliable service that would ultimately result in lost revenue.

Ecommerce Platform of Choice

Magento is the leading open source ecommerce platform today, used by companies all over the world for just these purposes. They offer solutions to businesses of all sizes, from small online-only boutiques to large multi-national firms such as Samsung and Harvey Nichols and alongside service providers such as PEER1 Hosting, Magento Optimised Managed Hosting combines the power of Magento’s solution with expert server and infrastructure management. The result is a fast, rock-solid and problem-free site that performs brilliantly and, in turn, delivers the fastest shopping experience customers have come to expect.

Through utilising Magento, building ecommerce sites is not only more straightforward but it’s also adaptable and easy to maintain. Magento Hosting builds upon this to provide a great user experience and exceptional performance. PEER1 hosting coupled with a unique FastFibre Network™ and optional components such as Managed Firewalls, Relentless Intrusion Detection (RID) and Agile Load Balancing, provide a scalable solution, whether you simply want to branch into digital downloads or aim to take on iTunes!

Security is also obviously a key factor when it comes to any ecommerce site management, perhaps even more so with those trusted for downloads. Different types of PCI certified infrastructure and Service Provider Attestation of Compliance accelerate your compliance efforts, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business while operating a safe, secure and seamless downloadable asset library.

Magento Hosting enables businesses to take advantage of proven hosting provisions and technologies that can scale operations as cutting edge hardware and best practice evolves – with expert support teams providing reassurance that your ecommerce site is truly in the safest hands.

This article was written by Brian Beaudoin, a Product Engineer for Peer 1 Hosting

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February 20, 2015

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