iPhones have something beyond the label Apple that make them far better than the rest and people all around the world actually crave to own this smartphone. And those who already own it preyon the next one in queue. That being said, we can easily come to the conclusion that iPhone developers have been successful inwooing consumers for more than half a decade and we expect it to continue doing so in the upcoming years.


 So let’s see what Apple has in store for us in 2014 i.e. when it will release iPhone 6:

Scratch Proof Screen
Smartphones of any brand have been always very fragile, specially its screen. Along with the phone, users have to invest on good quality screen guard so that they can maintain their expensive gadget. Apple seems to have come up with a permanent solution for this problem. This Cupertino brand has signed a deal with GT Advanced Technologies, who are one of the largest producers of sapphire crystals.

A sapphire crystal display would imply a 100% scratch resistant iPhone screen. This will be definitely one of the strongest selling points of iPhone 6. However, it might happen to be a just a rumour or exaggeration of facts present before us as because a full sapphire crystal display would make the iPhone 6 way too expensive and beyond the budget of most consumers. So it might so happen that the sapphire substrate will be used only on the home button or camera of the phone or even on other gadgets like iPod and iWatch.

Wireless Charging
If we are to believe in the news reports in tech website, Apple has recently submitted a patent for wireless charging. So tech buffs have started drawing conclusions that this might be a unique feature of iPhone 6. However, the fact is that this wireless charging unit are not only designed for iPhones but all other gadgets under the brand name Apple. Besides, Apple is known for owning many patents which we have heard about, but never seen them used in any of their gadget. So this might even be the case with wireless charging unit. Therefore, it istoo early to come to any concrete conclusion.

These are the cool add ons that we are expecting in iPhone 6, but we have not received any confirmation from the developers themselves. We will update the readers as soon as we get any confirmation.


March 30, 2015

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