The unstoppable expansion of smart phones or smartphones has created a map of unprecedented opportunity for mobile app marketing . This has been a real boost for developers and companies that have been in this field a niche business to create , free and paid , successful applications , with very few resources. But to compete in this emerging market is not an easy task and requires programming skills. But it is complex does not mean it is impossible, in fact it is not necessary to know programming to create own applications. At Big Think we are going to explain the various tools available for creating mobile apps for various on the market without prior knowledge of programming platforms.


There are already on the market various services that create from scratch and step by step applications for different mobile platforms, using assistants to customize the editing interface design and configure the functions of basic applications. Upon completion of our creation , the same assistants are responsible for compiling our project in a native application for the chosen platform , eventually leading us in the process of publishing it in the app store . Let me turn to reel generators existing mobile applications and possibilities offered by each.


Creapp may be one of the attendees to create mobile applications from scratch using simpler . It also has a powerful visual editor that lets you create and configure different types of applications in just 5 steps and no programming skills .

Creapp provides a good catalog of pre-designed templates to help newcomers to this exciting field to create our first application . From the template chosen service allows customize it to suit our graphic and visual corporate image level . Furthermore, Creapp allows the possibility of integrating in our project interesting features like online ordering systems , payment gateway for online shops and other useful services for medium and small businesses. Finally , it only remains to export our project to different existing platforms like Android, iOS and HTML5.

The Creapp service has a personalized plan of 19 euros per month for HTML5 applications and a more complete plan of 59 euros per month for applications compatible with all three platforms.

Apps Builder

Apps Builder is another interesting tool to design and publish your own mobile application with zero programming knowledge quickly and easily. The difference of this service to the rest of attendees is that your editor can capture the contents of our web page to use as a base with which to develop applications for different mobile operating systems.

It also has a gallery of 37 templates available for designing the interface of our application, plus the ability to set up step by step and without touching a single line of code the characteristics of your application by adding modules such as News , Photos, Videos Podcasting Store, RSS , Facebook , Twitter, website, Radio, PDF , Text, Code , Wall chat , Contacts , Maps , Text Messaging , Call and Email .

This service offers the ability to create applications with different degrees of complexity due to its modular architecture , which can be modified even after its publication. We can create from an official application updates to our personal blog to chart portfolio with the latest jobs, then exporting it to various platforms available: HTML5 ,iOS , Android , Windows Phone or Windows 8.

Apps Builder provides the ability to test the service for free for 30 days. Although if you want to publish one or more applications offers a premium plan ranging from 15 euros to 149 euros depending on the contracted services.

Mobincube App Builder

Perhaps the Mobincube App Builder is one of the most complete mobile generators platform applications given the degree of customization allowed. It offers a comprehensive support service step by step neophytes in the field of programming, with a good gallery of pre-designed templates for different content.It also helps you with the marketing aspect of your apps.


In terms of graphics and visual editing interface provides a greater degree of freedom in deciding the corporate image of our application. Regarding integration of functionality in the application , it is quite intuitive and practical and offers the ability to export your project to major mobile platforms like iOS , Android , HTML5, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

The Mobincube App Builder service offers personalized plan that varies depending on the features you want to incorporate into our application. It also has interesting monetization service that allows you to manage easily integrate ads into the application to make some money .

To conclude this review of the various mobile applications available generators , highlight the service platform to create BlackBerry App easily and intuitively. Like the other support services , BlackBerry App Generator lets you create applications for different versions of the BlackBerry operating system without any knowledge of programming.


An interesting tool for users is focused on content creators platform because it uses the RSS feed from our web page to use as support for automatic creation of the application. Once captured information is only customize the interface to your preferences including icons , banners and other elements. Although limited edition graphics and visual application resulting in a fairly standard image allows anyone without any programming knowledge can have its own application for your BlackBerry completely free .

So you know , if you take time mulling over a novel application and you have no programming skills, now ‘s your chance . What are you waiting for?


November 5, 2014

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