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As a blogger, if you are looking forward to some of the best plugins in the coming year, there are plenty of options available for you. It will enable you to be at the top of the game making managing your blogs easy. In fact, with these plugins, you can even look forward to boosting the level of SEO by means of which you will attract the attention of larger numbers of visitors for your blog. You can select some of the best plugins that will enable you to get the most effective results. Just have a look at these options.

Taking A Look At The Best Options:

  1. Akismet- This is used by innumerable people because of its ability to produce effective results. It is one of the best plugins that can protect your blog from any kinds of trackback spam. It can keep your blog protected every time. It will block the bad comments.
  2. Jetpack- It will now be easier for you to track your visitors or the comments through this option. You can easily get connected to your site with the community of WordPress along with many other social media sites. There are so many interesting features in this option that you should definitely have it.
  3. Antispam bee- This is an easy to use plugin that is considered to be extremely productive. It can fight the spam easily because of the availability of some of the most sophisticated solutions available. It also offers protection against trackback spam.
  4. Checkbox captcha- This is a small plugin that adds a checked checkbox. This is done in the comment form by means of which the submit button is disabled. It also offers extreme protection against the spam.
  5. Contextual related posts- The main function of this plug in is to display a set of related posts in your blog or in your feed. As a result, the retention of the reader is increased by decreasing the overall bounce rates.
  6. Exclude pages from navigation- This plugin provides a checkbox right on the editing page. You can easily check them out in order to exclude pages from the primary navigation. This can turn out to be extremely helpful.
  7. GD Press Tools- This is a plugin that is available with large numbers of administration features, SEO, security and maintenance tools. As a result, it can help you in everyday blogging tasks and optimizations.
  8. Get login- It can easily add log in, log out, register and my profile section in the navigation list. As soon as, the items are clicked a user is redirected  to the respective pages making things absolutely easier and flexible
  9. Google and analytics dashboard for WP- This is a plugin that will display the data of Google Analytics along with the statistics in to the Dashboard of Admin. This can also prove to be quite useful.
  10. Login logo- You can drop a PNG file in the name of login-logo.png into the content directory. The plugin will take care of the rest without any configuration requirements. Transparent backgrounds can definitely work best in this context.

Thus, you can try utilizing these options in order to get the best results in blogging. There are several other options that you can find out and use for getting effective results.
Author bio: Carolina Balinska is a professional web designer who loves working with latest web tools for designing her new websites. She is known for designing brilliant websites for her clients because of which her clients return to her for more.


March 25, 2015

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